Strict No SPAM Policy


Thank you for visiting one of our subscriber's web pages and for viewing our Strict No-Spam Policy. We take a strong stand against Spam and it's improper use to promote any web pages hosted by iPodiums. We are committed to your positive experience with all of our clients' web pages.

We have a strict No-Spam policy and will earnestly enforce this policy for the benefit of all our subscribers and guests. "Spam," or "Spamming," is also known as Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE) or Unsolicited Bulk E-mail (UBE).  Spamming can ultimately hurt all our clients who do respect Internet etiquette and who show consideration for others. Our No-Spam policy is for the protection of ALL of our web page clients and their visitors.

If you are a guest to our site and if you believe you have been spammed by one of our web page clients, we sincerely apologize.  Please forward the original e-mail message (with headers) to: ABUSE[at]

We do not tolerate spamming and will deal strictly with any of our subscribers who participate in such a practice.  We ask that you give us an opportunity to firmly and fairly correct and warn the uninformed and to strictly penalize violators by subjecting them to potential fines and immediate cancellation of their web pages, as we aggressively enforce our policy.  Please direct all questions, comments and complaints to ABUSE[at] and we will be very prompt in following up with all inquiries.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us directly about a specific incident, please call us at 1-717-691-5881 (Mechanicsburg, PA - USA).

Thank you for your cooperation.


iPodiums, Inc.