Cancellation Policy

You can easily cancel your automatic recurring billing payments by clicking the cancellation button/link found in your members' area for each account you want cancelled and continuing on through the cancellation process. The cancellation process must be completed within 48 hours of your scheduled Automatic Recurring Payment billing date to ensure that you are not charged for the following month or year of service, depending on the billing cycle you selected. The automatic payment plan will remain in effect until you submit your cancellation order and we have reasonable time to stop your automatic billing.

When you confirm your cancellation order through the members' area, your web page is automatically disabled and a cancellation confirmation receipt is emailed to the email address you provided us in your members' profile. If your webpage is still active and you do not receive a cancellation confirmation email within the hour, you should assume your cancellation did not get processed. In this case, you should call 1-717-691-5881, or submit a support ticket from your members' area so we can complete your cancellation and send you the cancellation confirmation receipt as your proof of cancellation.

In the event that the cancellation order is not completed (and notification has not been received) before your next recurring payment is processed, your account will be automatically charged for the following billing cycle. Refunds are not offered on subscription transactions. Please understand that if you fail to contact us regarding any problems you may experience or don't receive the cancellation confirmation, iPodiums cannot be held responsible for charges incurred.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help with anything. We are always happy to assist.

Thank you.